Vapenado on a Jet Plane

Posted Monday Jul 15, 2019

The Vapenado bottle ranges in sizes from 10 ML to 120 ML with both white and black caps. This bottle solves the twist cap problem, instead of buying a bottle with two different caps now you just need the Vapenado Bottle. It is also the first twist cap that is both child-resistant and tamper-evident. 

In response to recent customer concerns about leaking issues with shipping the Vapenado Bottle via air, we conducted additional testing. We filled 2 of each size of the Vapenado Bottle and then sealed them in plastic bags.  All of the bottles were sent on a fun weekend trip to Las Vegas via air from FL to Las Vegas and back using two different carriers. No leaking was experienced at either delivery. 

We believe that any leaking is attributed to the fact the cap is not secured completely or the top twist cap is not closed all the way when being shipped. When putting the cap on the bottle make sure to screw down completely, you will be able to tell when the cap is screwed on completely when you hear the tamper evident ring click. It is also important to make sure the top part is twisted to the right completely to ensure that it is closed.