Boston Round vs. Euro Round the Great Divide

Posted Wednesday Jul 24, 2019

Boston Round Bottle and Euro Round Bottle are very similar in many ways except for the shoulder and neck of the bottles. The neck on Euro Round bottles have a longer neck with a ring that allows for the use of tamper-evident caps and droppers.  The Euro Round has an 18mm neck size which is smaller than a Boston Round bottle. The Euro Round bottle also has thinner shoulders than the Boston Round bottles. We have Euro Round bottles in sizes ranging from 5ml to 100ml and in a wide range of colors. 

Boston Round bottles have wider shoulders and the neck is not as long and does not have a ring so it does not allow for the use of a tamper-evident ring. The mouth on the Boston Round bottles is 20mm which is wider than the mouth of a Euro Round bottle which makes them easier to fill. We have Boston Round bottles in sizes ranging from 0.5 ounces to 4 ounces and in a wide range of colors. Boston Round bottle is more common and more well-known than Euro Round Bottle.  

Both Euro and Boston Round bottles can be paired with a wide range of caps such as Child-resistant certified (CRC) droppers, screw caps, treatment pumps, sprayers, and Non-child-resistant certified droppers and caps. The Euro round bottle has a wider range of caps available due to the ability to have a tamper-evident caps.   To make sure you have the right cap for your bottle, check the neck size and whether the cap is tamper-evident.   To make it easier for you when shopping for bottles on our website you can simply scroll down and see all of the caps that are available and fit the bottle you are purchasing.