Quarantine Tips From Squiffy

Posted Friday Apr 17, 2020

As you know, Liquid Bottles is a dog-friendly workplace for those in the administrative and sales offices.  However, now that all administrative and sales staff are working from home these days during the Coronavirus Quarantine, our furry “co-workers” are teaching us how to be our best during these difficult times.


Squiffy, the youngest member of the Liquid Bottles doggie crew, wanted to share a few of his tips with anyone who may be staying at home these days:


  • You might think that you can sleep in a little longer since you don’t have a commute to work and don’t have to get yourself all gussied up, but that is not the case! Squiffy is very certain that we should still get up at the same time as normal and use that extra time for stretching, walking, and playing.  His personal recommendation is an orange squeaky chicken but any toy with a loud squeaker to get you up and out of bed will do the trick.  And, while he’s ok with you wearing comfy clothes around the house, he is adamant that you practice good hygiene – the only one that should smell like a dog in the house is the DOG!
  • It gets pretty easy to find yourself sitting for a long time near your computer or tv, but Squiffy won’t stand for that either!  Whether you are still a puppy like Squiffy or are an older dog like Bailey, it is important to get up and move around often (and not just to the fridge – but we’ll cover that in a different tip).  Just a few minutes away – especially if you can get outside for a breath of fresh air – is good for mind, body, and spirit … not to mention it’s also another great opportunity to chase that pesky squirrel.
  • And finally, the fridge.  Yes, it lurks there, calling your name, but unless it is normal meal time, Squiffy says if he can’t have a snack, neither can you.  Limit the snacking out of boredom.  Chew on a nice nylabone instead – very satisfying!


So, take it from our resident puppy with these tips to stay safe, stay healthy, and give us a call when you catch that squirrel!