Flexible Packaging

Posted Tuesday May 30, 2023


Liquid Bottles is excited to announce that we now offer Flexible Packaging. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to meet your customized needs. Please call us to discuss this new packaging option for your brand!
Flexible Packaging 

Flexible Packaging leverages the latest digital and Flexographic printing technology to produce custom, flexible packaging for brands of all sizes.

Consumer Packaging

  • Bags
  • Display Accessories
  • Forms/Fill/Seal
  • Pouches
  • Fitment Pouches
  • Child Resistant
  • Rolls
  • Sheets
  • Shrink Packaging
  • Resealable Pouches
  • Vacuum Seal

Lead times of less than 30 days for full production Digital or Flexographic Printed zipper pouches. Lead times as little as 2-3 days for custom printed Prototypes or Mockups.

Industries Served

Flexible packaging is great for a wide number of industries, so popular industries are:

  • Snacks 
  • Confection 
  • Pet Food 
  • Cannabis 
  • Coffee and Tea

Call for more information: 888-222-5232