Dogs of Liquid Bottles

Posted Monday Mar 4, 2019

Captain- Chief Morale Officer


With only a couple of months of experience, he is a natural. As Chief Morale Officer, Captain is very dedicated to his job and is always waiting in his office with a toy and a smile for his fellow co-workers. He has an open-gate policy and is constantly inviting co-workers to come and rub his belly in order to help brighten their day. Captain helps to keep the stress level down in the office so the sales team is always smiling and happy to provide exceptional personal service to Liquid Bottles customers.  


Titan- Chief Hair Distribution Officer 


To say that Titan is fluffy would be an understatement, but with his lush fur it is no surprise that some hair falls out from time to time. As Chief Hair Distributor Officer he enjoys leaving a trail of fuzz just about everywhere he goes. He’s not only fuzzy on the outside but he also works closely with the sales staff to get the best pricing, so our customers feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside about the deals they are getting. But don’t worry he stays clear of the warehouse.


Han Solo- Chief Mess Development Officer

 han solo.jpg

With a name like Han Solo you’d think he has the calm of an experienced pilot, but not this dog. He can destroy just about any toy you put in front of him. And if you see him barreling down the hallway, you better get out of his way, or he will run you over. Han Solo’s speed helps everyone stay on their toes to help keep up with the fast pace environment. This helps make sure all orders placed before 2pm ship out the same day.


Bronny- Chief Barketing Officer


With over 5,000 followers on Instagram and his incredibly handsome good looks, Bronny doesn’t need to do much more then smile to sell the Liquid Bottles brand. He really has a way with his bark and once you get him barking, he really doesn’t stop until he gets his point across. He often helps inspire some of the company’s clever Instagram posts that help keep our over 11,500 followers entertained.  


Bailey- Chief Paw-blic Relations Officer


With her feisty attitude and people skills there is no one better to keep all of the other dogs in the office in line. She is not afraid to enforce the rules to make sure the company always has a spotless reputation. Her philanthropy and dedication to the community make her the perfect girl for the job. She keeps Liquid Bottles involved with the community as proud members of both the Manatee Chamber of Commerce and the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance. Additionally every year for the holidays she coordinates the adoption of local families to make sure they have the best holiday possible.