Flow Restriction Requirements

Posted Thursday May 2, 2019

Liquid Bottles, LLC is committed to compliance, and is aware of the Nicotine Flow Restriction requirements set forth in 16 CFR §1700.15(d).   We have spoken with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) about the products we distribute and our plans for compliance testing.  We are confident that all of our plastic bottles, including Chubby Gorilla, Vapenado, and our A-series and P-series bottles meet the restriction requirements, and will have finalized test results and related General Certificates of Compliance (GCCs) by mid-May.  


It is important to note that we are not attorneys and cannot provide any legal guidance regarding the specific situations or compliance of our customers. We encourage you to review the regulations to determine your company’s compliance.  Here is the link to the official regulatory notice from the CPSC for your reference. https://cpsc.gov/s3fs-public/NoticeofRestrictedFlowTP.March82019.pdf?