Go Packer Bottles Go!

Posted Tuesday Jul 16, 2019

Packer Bottles are perfect for vitamins, gummies, supplements, and other capsules and powders. We have many different sizes of packer bottles ranging from 50cc all the way to 625cc. We have both PET and HDPE plastic packers. The PET packers come in clear, amber, blue, green and black. The HDPE bottles are available in white.  

If you are not sure what size packer bottle you need for your products, below is a chart to help you determine which size packer bottle you need depending on the size of your pill or product. Based on the size of the pill and the size of the packer this chart can help you determine how many will fit in the bottle.  

Sometimes you may not want what's in your packer bottle to be easily accessible by children, and if that is the case, our packer bottles are available with Child Resistant Certified (CRC) lids. If access is not an issue, we also offer Non-Child Resistant Certified (Non-CRC)  lids. The Non-CRC caps are available with a ribbed or smooth skirted lid.