Counterfeit Chubby Gorilla Bottles

Posted Tuesday Sep 3, 2019

Chubby Gorilla’s Signature CR Unicorn Bottles are the most sought after e-liquid packaging.  They recently secured patents from the United States of America Patent Trademark Office for their bottles that are “Engineered for a purpose”. 


Because Chubby Gorilla bottles are so popular, several counterfeits and knockoff products have appeared on the market. To protect their patent and protect the industry from potentially faulty and dangerous bottles and e-liquids, Chubby Gorilla has started going to the factories in China that were manufacturing and distributing the fake Chubby Gorillas to remove the molds, sometimes shutting down the factories, filing lawsuits, and going to industry trade shows and removing the fake bottles from the shows and even sometimes having distributors removed from the show.


Fake Chubby Gorilla Bottles:

  • May not be using food grade compliant raw materials  

  • May not be truly compliant with CPSC Child Resistant, and Restrictive Flow protocols chancing a product recall from the CPSC

  • May not be made with the compliant materials or may have a faulty nozzle that could pop off, faulty tamper evident which would negatively affect your product and the safety of your consumer. 


Chubby Gorilla also wants to help protect consumers from being tricked into purchasing fake e-liquids. The belief is that if someone is willing to use a fake bottle, they may also be filling the bottles with counterfeit versions of popular e-liquid brands, which may be potentially hazardous.


How can you tell whether a Chubby Gorilla is real or counterfeit?

Make sure that you are ordering from your bottles from an authorized distributor listed on the Chubby Gorilla website at Liquid Bottles is the largest authorized distributor of the OFFICIAL Chubby Gorilla Bottle. Another way to make sure you are using a real Chubby Gorilla is to make sure there is an embossed gorilla logo on the bottom of the bottle and the website is embossed inside of the inner cap.  


Chubby Gorilla encourages manufacturers, copackers, distributors, retailers, and consumers to all be completely legal and safe by using only OFFICIAL Chubby Gorilla bottles.