The Version 3 Difference

Posted Thursday Feb 28, 2019

Chubby Gorilla designed their newest edition to the family, the Version 3, with the consumer in mind. Improving on the earlier two versions, they have introduced a variety of features that provide unique benefits to the consumer and make the products less of a hassle and make the consumer’s life easier.  

The newly improved inner leak-blocking plug on the inside cap keeps the contents from any unwanted escape by going into the drip tip when the cap is closed. Along with ensuring against spills, the newly designed nozzle is optimized for easy removal to help refill the bottle and comes preinserted to make assembling the bottle easier.

The cap has been revamped to securely fasten and has a new tamper evident band that does not come off the bottle after it has been broken. The bottle still has the safety feature of a child resistant cap where the consumer simply pushes down and twists to open. The Version 3 cap has a spring between the inner and outer cap that pushes the outer cap up and enhances the CRC function.

Many of the new Version 3 features are in the bottles tip and cap but Chubby Gorilla did not overlook the bottle itself in the redesign. With an increased thickness to the top and bottom of the bottle and the softer center it is easier to squeeze out the desired amount of liquid by either pinching to get a drop or squeezing the bottle for a steadier flow.

With these improvements to the Chubby Gorilla bottles and the range of sizes that the bottles come in, the company lives up to its mission statement of, “Engineered for a purpose, designed for a purpose,” and that purpose is evident: giving the consumer the best experience possible when they use the Chubby Gorilla bottles.

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