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2oz Blue Glass Bottle 20-400

$0.39 / unit
2oz Blue Glass Bottle 20-400

2oz Blue Glass Bottle 20-400

$0.39 / unit

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SKU: K363-S

Currently in stock: 26160

Case Quantity: 240

Pack Quantity: 80

Case Dimensions: 16x12x12

Case Weight: 32 LBS

Pallet Quantity: 63 Boxes - 15,120 Units

Pallet Dimensions: 48x42x88

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The K363 is a 2oz Cobalt Boston Round bottle with a 20-400 neck. The characteristics of the Boston round bottle are its unique shape and wide base. This product is perfect for essential oils, e-liquids, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, and other liquids. The cobalt blue color of the bottle provides some UV protection which makes it perfect for light-sensitive products. This bottle can be paired with closures that have a pipettes length between 89mm-91mm and a neck size of 20-400. Shop the matching closures below.

Case Weight - 32 LBS

Case Dimensions - 16x12x12 

Pallet Weight - 2,054 LBS

Pallet Dimensions - 48x42x88

Pallet Quantity - 63 Boxes - 15,120 Units

Label Dimensions 4.6875 x 2 in (width x height)

Print Dimensions 4.75 x 2 in (width x height)